Hi, it's me!

I've been photographing babies and families for over a decade, and let me tell you, it has become second nature for me to be behind the camera. Once I'm at a photoshoot, it's like my brain taps into an alternate dimension of creativity. I become one with the environment, the lighting, and the people before me, and the magic just flows. My goal is not just to take your photo- it's to create art that you will treasure forever. 

Hi, I'm Katie!
Photographer, dream chaser, and your toddler's new BFF.


As a mom of three, I know firsthand how precious these moments are.

As a mom for more than ten years, with a big age gap between my second and third kiddo, I realized how fast time flies when my youngest came along. This time, I was extra conscious to stay present and tried to savor every moment with her. I spent the first year following my daughter around with my camera, knowing that she would look different the next day. To first-time parents out there, my advice is simple: invest in professional photos- I promise you won't regret it.

I was living in New York City and had just graduated from college with a degree in musical theatre. Instead of being a waitress to pay my bills, I decided to buy a camera to take headshots for fellow actors. The camera cost $650 and it was the most I had ever spent on anything in my life! I quickly realized that investing in myself was the best decision I could have made and started supporting myself with a creative outlet.

When I moved to California with my husband, we decided to start our family and have a baby. I pivoted from taking photos of actors to taking photos of babies, and the rest is history! 

It all started fifteen years ago when I was a starving actress ...

I have spent the last decade supporting my family as a creative entrepreneur and I am incredibly grateful for that. My kids see their mom working hard, but they also see me at home with them a lot. It's a balance that I really cherish!

When I am not photographing families, I like to spend my time running (I finished my first full marathon last year!), listening to money podcasts, and creating art for my print shop. 

I can use my creative spirit to make art for your family! That's what I love doing everyday!

Until I realized...

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When I'm not photographing families, you'll probably find me:

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