Thank you for taking a minute to get to know me! I love connecting with people, so if you have any questions or just want to chat, please feel free to send me a note.

I started my photography career the same time I started my journey into motherhood. I upgraded my old camera once our daughter was born, and learned everything I could about taking pictures. My friends started asking me to take pictures of their babies, and suddenly I had a full blown business. This is my 8th year as a professional and I still love every moment.


I'm a mom to two spunky little kids. I have a musical theater degree from New York University. I'm a certified Breathwork healer. I have done over 400 performances of Fiddler on the Roof. Maybe you've guessed by now that I hate being bored and I love staying creative and connected!


My passion is helping other women find their calling and true joy. I recently launched a business with my colleague Cristin More called Business, Woman. Together, we are offering mentoring and workshops for other women photographers to help them gain the success in their own businesses that we have found in ours.


I welcome families of all backgrounds, cultures, races, and lifestyles.


Client list includes several CEO's, Love Taza, Yahoo!, BabyCenter, Minted, Uri Minkoff, MindBodyGreen, Core Power Yoga, Offset by Shutterstock, Annie's, Cheetah is the New Black, @kalejunkie, @amberfillerup, @taza.

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New York CITY
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Katie Rain is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. She is based in San Francisco, but frequently travels to Los Angeles and New York City. She is available for sessions worldwide.