Katie Rain?Who's

I'm a fun-loving, baby-obsessed, natural light photographer who may or may not crawl on the floor with your baby to get the perfect shot. I've been photographing families and babies in the San Francisco Bay Area for 10+ years, and also travel to New York City for photoshoots as well. I am likely to leave our photoshoot becoming BFFs with your toddler (and you!)

I am a California native who calls the North Bay home. I have three blue-eyed kiddos, a fellow photographer for a husband, and a sweet Schnauzer named Pixel. I started taking pictures when I lived in New York to support myself while I was on the audition circuit for acting. It turned into a full-time job after the birth of my first child and I now have photographed over 1,000 families in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Although my client list is impressive with a myriad of successful people, my favorite clients are the ones who trust me completely and give me a big hug at the end.

The life I've manifested as a business woman and mom is what I cherish most in this world.

When I am not photographing babies, you will find me running on my Peloton treadmill, mentoring other photographers with my coaching business Crew52, or reading a murder mystery cuddled up in my bed.

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