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Newborn Photos for Baby Number 3!

I love my repeat families! It’s always such a joy when I get an email with news of expecting another baby. I started photographing this family when baby two was just a few weeks old. We set up the session just about two weeks after little E was born. He is such a sweet baby!...

Newborn Photo Session for Baby M

I love walking into homes and seeing unique art on the walls. This lovely family has no shortage of cool, amazing, beautiful art! There was one photo of a girl eating pizza hanging in their kitchen and I seriously can’t stop thinking about it. Little baby M was so adorable and sweet. We kept him...

Love Taza Family Photography in New York City

I was so nervous about this shoot! I’ve photographed Naomi and her family several times in the past, but adding newborn twins to the mix was really stressing me out. What if they cried the whole time? What if one barfed on Naomi and ruined her outfit? What if, what if, what if? But, in...

Petaluma Sunset Family Photography Session

And…. I’m back! After months and months of not blogging, I finally have a minute to catch up. It always makes me feel better when I look at other photographers blogs and see that they too have fallen off the “blog wagon” during the busy time of the fall months. Anyway, I’m back and I’m...

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