Business, Woman!

Hey photographers! Did you start your business but have no clue how to make money? Or maybe you are making money but you have no idea how to make your business legal? Well, read on!

My friend Cristin More and I got together last year to brain storm something amazing that we could offer the photography community. Both having successful businesses of our own, we decided it would be great to offer mentoring and in-person learning for other aspiring photographers. I went to her house for a meeting one day, and something just clicked. WE SHOULD OFFER AUDIO COURSES.

We both got chills. We knew it was the perfect way to offer our combined knowledge to the world. So we did! So far, we have recorded three major courses. They are only available for limited amounts of time, so the ‘Guide to Rocking Mini Sessions’ was offered a few months ago and now we have our epic ‘Business in a Box’ course available!

This course has the steps to take your hobby side business into a legit real business. We go over how to get legal, how to market yourself, how to build your website, and more. You can check out more details and purchase directly online using this link, or by clicking on the information below.

We will be launching an incredible finance course in the beginning of 2019 that you won’t want to miss! Head on over to our website here to sing up for our newsletter.