Family Photography in Central Park New York City

A few years ago, I saw Stephanie in one of Taza’s instagram posts. I clicked over to her profile and saw photos of her FOUR gorgeous boys. I immediately wanted to photograph them. My first shoot with them was a few years ago and it was all I could have dreamed! You can see photos from that shoot here. We did a family photography session the following year and it was freezing outside. So cold, in fact, that my fingers were about to fall off and the kids were not happy about being outside. Even so, I think we got some pretty cool pictures. You can see them here! Last year, we couldn’t connect because the date we had set for photos was the same time the fires hit Sonoma County and I had to stay home to make sure my house didn’t burn out (priorities, you know?)

So this year, we were finally able to do family photos again! We met in Central Park and hopped around a little to keep it interesting for the kids. It was raining all day, so we got really lucky with a little break, which also meant that the park was empty and totally gorgeous as our backdrop. Pair that with 6 gorgeous humans and you get a happy photographer!