Here are a few resources that I love and want to share with you!

Audio Courses

One of my biggest passions is helping other women build successful businesses. I went from selling a $59 online photography deal to making 6 figures the following year. I am not just a photographer- I'm an entrepreneur. I have teamed up with Cristin More and together we have created BUSINESS, WOMAN. Our audio courses and guides are aimed to help you succeed in your own photography business. Click on the image to view our offerings!

Delivering Client Images

I use absolutely love the platform that I use to deliver client images. I opt for the unlimited storage of files, which means my client galleries never expire. Clients can download their images, order prints, and share photos online. It's so easy and user friendly! Click on image below to try it out!

Contracts, Invoices, and New Leads

When I first started my business, there were no cool online platforms (that I knew of) to help me with contracts and invoicing. It was a real disaster of sticky notes and iPhone memos. Luckily, now all of my new lead forms, contracts, quotes, invoicing, and session calendar are all in the same place. It is easy for me and easy for the client. A real win/win! Click on the image below to get 10% off your own account!

Online Accounting

I used to dread April 15th because I would have to filter through bank statements and invoices to get the correct numbers to my CPA. Thanks to Quickbooks, I can easily log in and track all my expenses, income, and do a quick profit and loss comparison from last year to check my goals. Click on the image to get 50% off your subscription!


We all know how much time it takes to edit photos. After searching high and low, I feel so lucky to have finally found an editor that I love. My process goes something like this: cull the session, upload my selected raw files for them to edit, have them do a 'true to life' edit, get the files back, do a final adjustment on my end, then upload to the client. It has saved me HOURS and HOURS of time behind my computer. Samples below from my out of camera raw files to their edit.

For Photographers

other photographers



Katie was so amazing to work with. She is friendly, approachable and easy to talk with. I now have a new sense of excitement and very much look forward to see what the future has in store for my business.

Beth B


Katie Rain is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. She is based in San Francisco, but frequently travels to Los Angeles and New York City. She is available for sessions worldwide.