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Love Taza Family Photography in New York City

I was so nervous about this shoot! I’ve photographed Naomi and her family several times in the past, but adding newborn twins to the mix was really stressing me out. What if they cried the whole time? What if one barfed on Naomi and ruined her outfit? What if, what if, what if?

But, in true Davis Family fashion, everything went super smoothly! We met in the early morning on the Upper West Side and played around as quickly as we could before the girls needed to nap again. I almost never shoot in the morning, so working with the lack of light was a little tricky for me. Luckily we found a patch by the park that had the sun shining through the trees behind them, mimicking some pretty afternoon light!

I think what I enjoyed the most during our session was chatting with Naomi about self-care. We both know how important it is to take care of yourself as a mom in order to take care of your kids. Whether you have 1 child or a crew of 19, it’s so important to stay tuned in to what your body and spirit need to avoid the burnout stage.

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Here’s a little glimpse into our photoshoot…

I will be in New York a lot more in 2019, so I am looking forward to meeting and photographing many more hip New York families!

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